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Brand Consulting

Whether its shooting a bus campaign for Walmart or capturing different looks for Actors, we know that branding has to be present at all times. An image, a video , a scene has to say something. We opened our website talking about that infamous Why. Without a clear and definite why, you may work, but casting and agents won't quite know where to place you. You become, what we call, a work horse actor. Booking jobs here and there but with no clear through line or career objective. Talent is a huge part of it, but branding takes it home. I'm sure you've often found its easy to help a friend with branding but when it comes to you... you're lost. Here at Rebecca Roberts Studio we will not only help you clarify and define your why but we will also give you valuable tools to get you to the next level. 

 *** On top of helping brand Actors, we have also utilized our skills within launching our own productions to help others. We are happy to sit down and consult on your up coming independent projects. Typically independent work is self funded and we can guide you through how to get a great product on a small budget!

Branding Sessions

One on One Skype Session 

** giving you a clear vision and goals to achieve. 

One on One In Person Session

** giving you a clear vision and goals to achieve. 

In Session

** Whether you do our Headshot Sessions or Demo Reel Sessions we touch upon Branding with you as part of the package so you leave with a product that reflects you and your brand. 

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