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Slate Shots

The Slate Shot has become THE standard in LA which means its now the standard in Canada too! As Actors Access is being used more than ever in Canada, so are the Slate shots.  Some casting houses now sort their submissions by whether or not Actors have Slate Shots... thats how big a deal it has become! For those of you still in the dark about this illusive new trend... don't worry we got you covered. Here at Rebecca Roberts Studios we don't do Slate Shots as add ons. They are far too important to not be mandatory. So, when you book a Headshot session with us, we make sure you get the all important Slate Shot for EVERY LOOK! Agents and casting have said that the best Slate shots are the ones where the Headshot comes to life. That is what we strive to do! Seamless, painless and the bonus of having a photographer who's also an Acting coach. You won't leave without a kick ass Slate to match those Epic new Shots! 

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